Dare to find the meaning of life on the path of Hospitality.

The religious calling is always a personal and unique experience. When we are young, we often wonder about the meaning of life. Sometimes we feel confused; we have countless dreams and an abundance of energy and eagerness to do things for ourselves, for our families, and for others. We dream of a career or a family. Through these musings and desires, God speaks to us and invites us to discover Him.

The Hospitaller vocation means embarking on an adventure with Jesus. It is a calling that attracts and surrounds us in such a way that it changes our lives. It is an invitation to let yourself be challenged by the pain of the sick and respond to it with closeness, listening, understanding, caring, service…in a word, HOSPITALITY!   

The Hospitaller calling does not restrict the development of your personality. On the contrary, it enhances it by fully amplifying all our qualities and potential as people, so that over time we identify more with Jesus, in his way of thinking, loving, and yearning.

There are several essential elements to take into account if you want to become a Hospitaller. The Sisters Hospitallers choose Christ as the leader and centre of their lives. It is a commitment we assume and experience as a community, because the gift of the Hospitaller charism makes us family. And as a family, we have one mission: to bring the presence of Jesus the Good Samaritan of humanity to those who need us most.

From you, young one, we expect sincerity, a passion for teamwork, and sensitivity toward the sick and vulnerable. If you have a consummate desire to clarify your feelings through prayer, let us know. We will stand by you and help you along the path of accompaniment, the experience of sharing a few days in the community of sisters to learn about the Hospitaller mission first-hand.  

WE LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU! Simply contact us by email: [email protected]

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