Our charism: Hospitality

It is the gift of the spirit to the church that shapes our lives and commits us to the practice of Hospitality.

The word “hospitality” is synonymous with humanity, acceptance, universality, love, service, mutual help, care for the poor. It has inspired the Hospitaller project from the outset and continues to engender goodwill at the congregation’s institutions.

Its foundation leads us to the healing action of Jesus, “the Good Samaritan of humanity, who journeyed through life doing good works and healing the sick.” Based on this interpretation, Hospitality is the charism that defines our congregation, the most accurate way to describe its identity.

The Founders of the Congregation received this gift from God and vowed to continue Jesus’ mission to help those suffering from mental illness and other maladies, particularly the poor. They focused primarily on forsaken and abandoned women. Though the congregation continues to prioritise those with psychiatric ailments, these days other apostolic activities consistent with the Hospitaller charism are also undertaken.

Preserving and recreating the Hospitaller charism requires all of us who participate in the project to cultivate and embody the values, culture, and aims of the congregation.  

Our mission continues to tell the story, by credible means, through charitable gestures and evangelical paradigms that underpin our hospitality.

Like the Good Samaritan, we do not pass by: we look and we see. We remain unmoved, and with compassion and charity, we act. We are Hospitallers.

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