If you want to live your baptismal identity as a Hospitaller, we invite you to join us.

Since its inception in 1881, the Congregation of the Sisters Hospitallers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus has—through the dynamism of the Hospitaller mission—continued to summon people who work together through both material and spiritual means. They are friends and benefactors

Eventually, the number of co-workers increased to the point that the decision was made to continue the Hospitaller project, which called for sensitivity toward those who suffer and a greater degree of specialization.

This participation has evolved progressively throughout our history, producing a growing appreciation for the complementarity between the actions of the sisters and those of the laity to provide comprehensive, quality care, consistent with both Hospitaller culture and scientific advances.

On this path of service, some co-workers are called to be followers, not only of the activities but of the spirit and the charism of our Founders, responding with their professionalism.

Contact with the Hospitaller mission makes many develop a particular sensitivity toward the Hospitaller charism and thus discover new meaning in their lives. They are people who share faith in Jesus Christ and who find a way of life, of expressing their Christian commitment to society in the Hospitaller charism. In many places where the Congregation is present, groups of lay Hospitallers have formed, seeking to live their Christian faith committed to serving people in need of assistance in their environment.   

As lay Hospitallers, we aim to deepen our knowledge of Jesus, the Good Samaritan; to strengthen the experience of those baptized in the Church and the Christian commitment in the family and society; to increasingly identify with the Hospitaller spirituality and charism; to become sensitive to the needs of others and respond with a Samaritan approach, as Jesus would.”

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