In accordance with our ongoing commitment to improving caregiving and professional development among our co-workers, the Sisters Hospitallers promote research, development, training, and teaching activities.

The term knowledge management encompasses a set of tasks and actions undertaken at the Institution (research, development, innovation, etc.) aimed at generating new knowledge, incorporating existing knowledge, and disseminating that knowledge across the organisation to ensure its application in day-to-day healthcare and educational practice.

In addition to contributing to the advancement of knowledge, research allows us to adopt an attitude of permanent scientific curiosity in our healthcare and educational activity, making it a necessity for our centres and resources in their pursuit of excellence. The attention we provide those we serve is the matrix from which stems the continuous training and research requirements that improve our actions.

Scientific activity at our centres is based on an ethical commitment to scientific advancement and the improvement of care quality.

At our Institution, knowledge management requires the establishment and consolidation of specific structures that support and promote research, teaching, training, development and innovation.

FIDMAG Sisters Hospitallers Research Foundation is the foundation designated to spearhead, coordinate, promote, and manage research at the Sisters Hospitallers centres.

FIDMAG currently consists of a team of 20 professionals dedicated exclusively to research.

It focuses primarily on learning about neuroanatomical alterations underlying the most severe mental disorders, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and in finding the most effective treatments. This knowledge will help those suffering directly from these ailments, as well as their families. Their contributions are reflected in the excellent scientific output published in the top international trade journals. The group maintains steady production of the highest quality, with more than 10 articles per year appearing in the most prestigious scientific journals worldwide

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