We are the Sisters Hospitallers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a non-profit organisation of the Catholic church, characterised—since our founding 139 years ago—by our devotion to acceptance, assistance, specialised care and rehabilitation, particularly among those suffering from mental illness, disability, and other ailments. 

The Hospitaller identity both defines and distinguishes us. It combines excellent quality care with a visible, permanent Hospitaller culture.

Our mission

Our mission embodies and expresses the Hospitaller charism.

The Hospitaller model guides our actions.

• Those who suffer are the focus of our Hospitaller actions.

• Our healthcare services combine science and humanity, taking into account every facet of the person.

• We prioritise those suffering from financial hardship and those with the greatest need.

• Respect and defence of life, in addition to the principles of catholic ethics and morality, guide our healthcare activity.

• All those involved in this work—patients, relatives, co-workers, volunteers, and sisters—form part of the Hospitaller community.  

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