The mission of the congregation is the embodiment and expression of the Hospitaller charism.

Through our lives, we manifest the love that God has for all humankind, particularly the most vulnerable. We are a message of hope and witnesses to the notion that a beatific spirit can transform the world.  

Our Hospitaller mission extends the healing message of Jesus of Nazareth across time and contexts. It consists of acceptance, assistance, and caring for those suffering from mental illness, physical or intellectual disability, and other ailments, while taking into account the needs and urgency of each situation and prioritising the poorest and most marginalised.

Some of the mission’s guiding principles include:

  • Those who suffer are the focus of our Hospitaller actions.
  • We provide comprehensive care by uniting science and humanity.  
  • We offer preferential care to the most disadvantaged people or those with the greatest need.  
  • Respect and defence of life and ethics in all endeavours guide our care activity.
  • Everyone involved in this work—patients, their families, our employees, volunteers, and the sisters—forms a Hospitaller community.

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