Training as a challenge to humanity, professionalism, innovation, and joint responsibility

In its mission to serve, the congregation of Sisters Hospitallers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus embodies and expresses the Hospitaller charism and contributes to a vast and multifaceted social and charitable endeavour spanning several areas and cultural contexts, creating a comprehensive healthcare project that caters to the most vulnerable in society: those subject to marginalisation from disease or suffering.

Inherent to Hospitaller practice are a holistic view of the patient in all their complexity and multidimensionality, and the subsequent respect for dignity, in addition to a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach, which is the institution’s primary focus and raison d’être, in line with the evolution of scientific and technical expertise in the relevant fields and, particularly, the knowledge and internalisation of Hospitaller principles and values.  

This distinctive commitment of the Hospitaller mission is intertwined with the common goal of human and technical excellence at the service of those we care for, through the participation and joint responsibility of everyone, especially the sisters and co-workers.

In a changing environment, characterised by continual scientific and technological progress, we advocate lifelong learning and offer specific institutional integration training processes for new co-workers and ongoing updates for everyone, emphasising technical, scientific, human, relational, and ethical aspects to foster the acquisition of knowledge and behaviours relevant to the Hospitaller mission and personal development.

In order to ensure our constitutional identity, we advocate the knowledge and integration of Hospitaller principles, values, and culture as a singular commitment for everyone.

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