“We carry out our Mission in the name of the Community, in tune with our founders and always looking forward, searching for new paths to explore”

On 30 November, the first Sunday of Advent, Pope Francis marked the commencement of the celebration, throughout the universal Church, of the Year of Consecrated Life, which will end on the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, on 2 February 2016.

With the motto “Consecrated Life in today’s Church. Gospel, Prophecy, Hope, this year has three fundamental objectives: to recall the past with gratitude, to embrace the future with hope, and to live the present with passion.

Our Superior General, Anabela Carneiro, invited us, “in this time of grace, the Year of Consecrated Life, to rediscover our condition as consecrated women dedicated to hospitaller services, to live out our calling with gratitude, hope and passion” (Cong 11/2014).

Among the many initiatives being implemented, our Congregation is setting up this communication forum with which we wish to highlight the value of consecrated life dedicated to hospitaller services through the testimony of our own sisters, those who have passed away and those of us who continue to follow Jesus in our dedication to hospitaller services.

With this objective in mind, each month we will publish the life’s testimony of two Hospitaller Sisters, which will reflect their charismatic experience, convictions, values, hopes… and through which we invite you to accompany us in this very special and significant commemoration.

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