María Josefa Recio and María Angustias Giménez: brave women who answered the call of God, dedicating their lives to the poor and the sick.  

Maria Josefa Recio and Maria Angustias Giménez were two young women from Granada who heard God’s call to offer their lives to the cause of the poor and sick.

Born in Granada, inseparable friends, united in their search for God, these two women followed the spiritual guidance of Benedict Menni. After many setbacks, the answer to their prayers arrived in the summer of 1880, when Benedict Menni sent them the following message from Ciempozuelos (Madrid, Spain): “You may come if you wish.”

And the Hospitaller adventure with a female face began…

They settled in Ciempozuelos and soon adopted the mantra that encapsulated their spiritual path: pray, work, endure, suffer, love God, be silent.

On 31 May 1881, they donned the habit, and thus began the congregation of Sisters Hospitallers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

On 30 October 1883, Maria Josefa Recio passed away, a victim of her own hospitable charity, leaving a spiritual legacy that continues to inspire our charism. From her spiritual testament:

            “My sisters, I hope and pray to God that charity always reigns in this holy community. Be charitable with the sick and serve them with love, knowing that they represent our Lord, Jesus Christ.”

Maria Angustias left her written testament in the Report on the Origins of the Congregation, a historical and theological chronicle of the early life and mission of the Sisters Hospitallers.

In conjunction with the first eight sisters, they represented the female side of Hospitality: women committed through faith to the merciful liberation of women.

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